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Woo! Time to show off the apartment. Pretend it's a housewarming party, which means I've made some mediocre appetizers. You'd better act like they're the best thing you've ever eaten or you're so kicked out. But before all that, gross movie I saw in WalMart!

They sell this movie for children. I don't know about you guys but after this move and all the work hours I've put in I'm pretty pupa'ed out too.

That's the living room withthe door that goes out into the balcony. The closer chair is where my computer is. The foam is what Kyle's mom slept on. Too lazy to pick up. Come on, it's not like we're having any real company.

Kitchen! We have tons of appliances thanks to my mom. And we have a dishwasher, which is awesome.

That's the little dining are awhich we'll never use due to lack of table, viewed from where the TV is. It makes the place feel more open though. We'll have to put something there, like a Lego city. Or whatever.

the hallway to our rooms and the bathroom. And my computer! The chair was 9 bucks. Awesome.

Boy cave.

Girl cave.

half the bathroom with the mirror reflecting. Now normally I don't photograph toilets but check this out:

You flush by pushing that button on top and it's split into two buttons for no reason whatsoever. We have a hippie toilet. that's the apartment. The balcony view sucks, but we can check out the latest marijuana posession arrests from here, since most of the pot dealers hang out at the Mac's a block down. There's a McDonald's there too, and I keep buying breakfast burritos though I shouldn't.